Patagonia by Campervan: Our Route

From Europe to South America, there are many ways to go about planning a route.

We generally let visiting friends and the mountains guide our planning. We knew we wanted to make it all the way to Ushuaia and had heard that the lakes region in Patagonia was much more scenic than the Argentinian Atlantic coast. For that reason, we stuck to much of the Ruta 40 southbound through Argentina and then part of the Carretera Austral and part of the Ruta 40 back in Argentina northbound.

See an overview of our 2022-2023 route below. Zoom in on the map to get to the finer details.

September to October
Campervan Roadtrip: UK - France - Belgium - Netherlands
November (to December)
Campervan drop-off & shipping: Netherlands (Rotterdam) to Uruguay (Montevideo)
Maxine & Theo: Ferry Netherlands (Hook of Holland) to UK (Harwich), Fly UK (London) to Argentina (Buenos Aires)
November to December
No campervan: Buenos Aires (ARG) - Montevideo (UGY) - La Pedrera - Montevideo
December to March
Campervan Roadtrip: Montevideo - Ushuaia (ARG - Ruta 40) - Torres del Paine (CHL - Ruta 3, 257, 9)
April to May
Torres del Paine (CHL) - Parque los Glaciares (ARG) - Paso Robalos - Futaleufú (CHL) - Piedra Parada (ARG) - Jujuy
May to July
Jujuy (ARG) - Corrientes (ARG)- Iguaçu (BRA)- São Paulo (BRA)