About Us

Hi, We’re Maxine (UK) and Theo (Brasil) and we’ve been living adventures since the 90s, exploring 47 countries and counting! 

We left a decade of work in the city three years ago feeling disconnected from nature. The quiet of the English countryside brought us new energy, exploring plant species, growing vegetables, hiking, and rock-climbing. We started a journey of rewilding the senses.

Cue Patagonia. Theo made a film there in 2015; Maxine planned a trip there in the same year, but never made it. That’s when we dreamed up a year long trip.

Maxine and Theo in front of Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia

Farewell UK life, hello “The Bear,” our cozy 6 x 2m home on wheels. We packed our life inside and shipped across the Atlantic, with zero vanlife experience!

Natural Explorers emerged. All the things we love – adventures in the outdoors, conscious living, connecting with nature on a daily basis. 

Roaming Patagonia, our blog, chronicles our year-long journey – from dream to reality. Conquered challenges, awe-struck moments, and the essence of life lived fully. Seeking practical insights? Our tips and guides are your compass.

Curious? Dive into our world. Check out our map, follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter below for monthly updates.

We hope you’ll be inspired to take one step closer and join us as we explore nature.

Nature is not a place to visit, it is home…