Iguazu Falls Reimagined

Set in Iguaçu National Park, the Iguazu Falls are comprised of a dazzling 270 individual waterfalls that span 2.7 kms. It can be visited on either the Argentinian (closer exposure) or Brasilian (better panoramic views) sides. We’d both been to the Argentian side before we met, so we decided to do the Brasilian side this time around together. Sunglasses, raincoats and dry bags were necessary to be fully equipped for the experience.

Maxine standing by one of the cascades on the Brasilian side of Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls, Brasilian side
By July time in Brasil, it’s winter. This year has been warmer than usual (~25ºC), so we had an unusual winter experience. The flow of water was almost at its all time high and this was low water season. Before we even got near the viewing platform, it was as if the ground all around us was trembling. As we walked through the initial mist, we felt the magnitude of it ripping thunderously below our feet. Then all around us – enchanting rainbows. It was truly majestic!
Having previously visited Foz, the mind couldn’t help but place our younger selves some 15 years earlier, among the hazy silhouettes ahead. Much like we were: a similarly sunny day, the same cool layer of mist shining on our faces. Those tremendous cascades of water, roaring, spraying. In that moment it’s as if the years between our visits ceased to exist.
What has been lived since we were in our twenties? One might expect that looking back would show how much evolution has taken place. In the context of aging, there is a distinction. But, after some time there amongst the invigorating rush, we departed not as improved versions, nor diminished remnants of our youthful spirits that once roamed here — rather, subtly transformed into something different.

Insider’s Tips

We visited the Brazilian side this time around, but had previously visited the Argentinian aide. Both were great experiences and worth the visit. Saved for a sunny day is best to get the most of the rainbows and also to save the cold from the breeze of the falls against the mist you get covered in. 

You buy tickets online before you go and if you have them on your phone, you can go straight to boarding when you arrive – no need to be in any queues – they are for customers paying on the day by cash. The boarding area for the bus into the National Park is to the righthand side as you walk in, labeled ‘Area de Embarques.’

Remember to take suncream, sunglasses and a waterproof jacket and dry bags to protect everything from getting wet. If you plan to go down the viewing platforms, you will definitely get wet. If that’s ok for you, consider bringing a dry bag with a change of clothes for afterwards. There are toilets and a small cafe near the viewing platforms where you can get changed. 

There is a dawn tour and a boat tour for special experiences, but we went around 2pm and it was lovely. At peak times of year (Dec – April) early starts are best to miss the crowds and get a personal experience. 

As we walked through the initial mist, we felt the magnitude of it ripping thunderously below our feet...