Roaming Patagonia

We left our London jobs for an adventure off-grid, trading our house in the country for a home on wheels.

Shipping our campervan from Europe to Patagonia initially felt impossible, but with a push, we made it.

And so can you!

an adventure in nature takes the soul back home

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Snow capped mountains, majestic vistas. For the lucky ones, wildlife sightings that etch deep in the memory…

Vida Brazil

From colourful birds, to sparkling beaches, to the open arms of the Brazilian people. Here we had an entirely contrasting experience, travelling up from Paraná and living a Brazilian life in the southern state of São Paulo.

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About Us

Hi! We’re Maxine and Theo and we’re on a dream campervan journey through South America’s untouched beauty.

From awe-inspiring glaciers, rugged peaks, to profound colour palettes and iconic summits. We share the magic and inspiration of venturing into nature’s wild embrace.